Why that old injury is causing you grief after all these years.

So you fell off a horse 20 years ago.

Let's say you landed on your tailbone. Ouch. It jammed your spine pretty good and you couldn't ride for awhile afterwards.

You also couldn't sit down on a hard surface for months. Sitting on a cushion was even uncomfortable. You had to learn a new way to sit. Your body did it automatically in order to avoid pain. You hiked one hip up and probably twisted around a bit as well to take the pressure off your tailbone.

This new way of sitting became a habit. A way to compensate for your injury. A way to avoid pain.

Your tailbone eventually got better but you didn't go back to sitting how you originally did before you fell off the horse because your new habit was now the dominant pattern. 20 years later you still sit with the same hip a little hiked up and a little twist in your pelvis. (Or maybe it's only 6 months later.)

It's very likely that you didn't even know you still sat that way. And possibly walk and stand that way too. It might be what's causing you hip pain or knee pain or some other discomfort.

Your brain got so used to it that you didn't even notice it anymore. What it means is that the muscles keeping you stuck in the pattern are tight and very fatigued from working so hard all the time, and likely quite painful. And you are likely not aware of how much effort you unconsciously put into maintaining this tightness.

Or maybe you are aware of it and you've tried stretching.....and feel like you didn't get anywhere. It seemed like you just couldn't stretch enough to really get to the right spot and get a good release.

At some point someone may have recommended you try strengthening exercises. And even though you felt like you got stronger, it didn't make your pain go away. It actually seemed to make it worse.

Now what?

As you begin to increase your sense of body awareness through exploring the somatic movements you will begin to sense this muscle effort that has been happening under the surface of your awareness. And you will learn how to coax the muscles to begin to let go. To lengthen and relax. And things will start to shift.....

Sound exciting?

I think so to!