How is Clinical Somatics different from other methods of pain relief?

  • Clinical Somatics goes to the root of your muscle pain: your brain and the way in which it senses and controls muscles. You learn to retrain your brain - the command center of your muscles in order to release and relax them for improved muscle function, control and long-term pain relief.

  • Somatics teaches you to eliminate Sensory Motor Amensia (SMA), the condition of tight, “frozen” muscles that develops in response to stress: accidents, injuries, surgery and emotional and psychological stress. SMA also results in shallow breathing, anxiety, low energy, and lack of mental focus as we lose our ability to voluntarily sense ourselves internally and thus control our muscles and movement.

  • Somatics teaches you to release full body patterns of muscular tightness that compromises your ability to move efficiently and easily. These patterns present themselves as back pain, neck/shoulder pain, TMJ, sciatica, scoliosis, leg length discrepancy and other common muscle pain conditions.

  • Somatics is EDUCATION: chronically tight muscles have learned to stay tight due to reflexive responses to stress sent from the brain. Teaching muscles to relax requires education to improve brain control of both sensation and movement.

  • Clinical Somatics confers LIFE - LONG SKILLS for the rest of your life so that you can reverse muscle pain should it come back due to stress or injury.

  • Somatics teaches STRESS RESILIENCE. The more aware you are of how you respond to daily stresses the better able you are to self-correct and improve. More self-awareness means more ability to adapt and improve.

  • Somatics is ACTIVE: because your brain controls your muscles, and muscles only learn through movement, you are the only one who can change how you feel and what your muscles are doing.

Written with permission from Martha Peterson / Essential Somatics