Q. Is Somatics painful? A. No it is not painful. You are always guided and encouraged to work within your comfort zone and to not push past into pain or discomfort. Somatics does not encourage the 'no pain, no gain' approach. If you keep doing something that gives your body a 'pain' message it gets really good at giving you pain. Whereas if you give your body a 'comfort ' message over and over, it gets good at that.

Q. Should I do the exercises every day? A. Yes it is advised to practice the exercises for 10- 20 minutes per day. If you only have a few minutes daily just pick one or two of the movements and do them well focusing on the quality of the movement and not on the number of repetitions.

Q. What do I wear to a private session? class? A. You will be fully clothed at all times for your one-on-one sessions. Wear stretchy comfortable clothing that you can move in for both private sessions and classes.

Q. What equipment is used? A. For a one-on-one session you will lie on a wide table similar to a massage table. For the classes you will primarily be lying down on a yoga mat on the floor. If you are unable to get down on the floor, the exercises can also be done while seated or standing.

Q. Is a private session of Somatics covered under my massage therapy benefits? A. Yes. A receipt will be provided for reimbursement.