Private Clinical Lessons

Private lessons with a Somatic Educator methodically address the three reflex patterns that result from stress, injuries, surgeries, etc. that typically cause muscle tension and dysfunctional movement patterns.

Hands-on guidance and gentle movement exercises are combined to help you reconnect with your internal awareness and re-establish improved voluntary control of your muscles in order to release your habituated patterns.

You will get the most benefit if you approach Somatics as an educational process rather than simply, as a therapy.

Sessions are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and can benefit every-BODY.

Assessment & Introductory Session

  • 90 minutes
  • Health History Review
  • Postural Assessment
  • Gait Assessment
  • Experience Hands-on techniques
  • Learn self care movement exercises for home practice
  • Wear stretchy comfortable clothing that you can move in. You will remain fully clothed for the session.
  • Introductory Rate $70 (gst incl.) Standard Rate $90
  • Payment can be made by cash, cheque or email transfer

*please fill out this form once you have booked an appointment

Follow up Appointments

  • 75 - 90 minutes
  • Check in
  • Review homework / previous movements taught
  • Experience hands-on techniques
  • Continue with new movement exercises for home practice
  • 3 - 5 follow up sessions are typically recommended
  • Rate $70 (gst incl.)
  • Package Offer - 4 Follow Up Sessions $250
  • ***Only available for clients who have had an Initial Assessment.

It is highly recommended that you begin a regular home practice to reinforce the benefits that you achieve in your one-on-one sessions. Home practice exercises take only about 15 minutes daily and require no special equipment. The exercises can be viewed as 'foundational' in nature to improve the way you move your body....either for sport or just your daily activities. Just as our teeth need daily do our muscles!

Group Classes

In a group-based Somatic Movement Class, you will learn slow, gentle, relaxing self-care movements that will guide you towards learning how to alleviate pain and tension in your body.

Group classes are a great way to establish your 'foundational practice' and expand your knowledge beyond what you have learned in the private sessions.

Classes are also a suitable introduction for those new to Somatics.

  • Relieve stress and relax
  • Explore full body movement patterns to re-establish natural movement and full voluntary control over your muscles
  • Gain a heightened sense of internal body awareness
  • Floor practice on a yoga mat
  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels
  • Wear stretchy comfortable clothing that you can move in
  • 60 minutes

Somatic Movement Classes

Free Introductory Class - Tuesday April 16th - 9:30 - 10:30 am

Registered Class: 8 week series $96 (gst included)

Tuesdays: 9:30-10:30 am

April 23 - June 11, 2019

Max: 8 participants

Location: Seniors Centre - Activity Room

RSVP: to reserve your spot please contact Brenda

***Additional classes will be added if needed

“Traditional body exercises make the muscles stronger. Somatic Exercises make the brain more intelligent in sensing and controlling the muscles. It is the inner change in brain function that makes possible outer change in muscle function.”

Thomas Hanna, Somatics, Reawakening the Mind's control of Movement, Flexibility, and Health

What people are saying!

"Brenda is an amazing intuitive therapist. She is passionate sharing her knowledge with her clients. I felt very comfortable with Brenda and I was able to let go of emotional and physical pain. Somatic therapy does wonders when practiced on a regular basis. I recommend somatic therapy to anyone who is ready to let go."

"Aren't we all ready to have a healthier, happier life?"

Patricia B.