What clients are saying!

"Brenda is an amazing intuitive therapist. She is passionate sharing her knowledge with her clients. I felt very comfortable with Brenda and I was able to let go of emotional and physical pain. Somatic therapy does wonders when practiced on a regular basis. I recommend somatic therapy to anyone who is ready to let go. Aren't we all ready to have a healthier, happier life?" Patricia B.

"My back pain has been alleviated by practicing somatics in bed daily for 5 minutes." Allan T.

"Just letting you know I do the exercises every day and my chiropractor and masseuse have seen a huge difference in my muscle tone. My back adjusts way easier... " Stacy B.

"Wow my hips are so much happier since you helped release my hip flexors. Nordic skiing is once again a joy." Julie A.

"My pain levels are so much closer to zero - and that is a remarkable gift. Thanks for your support on my journey to health restored. " Lorraine W.

"I recently started taking classes with Brenda and at first I thought the exercises she taught were a little unusual…certainly unlike anything I had ever done before. But I stuck with it and am I ever grateful. With daily practice, as she suggests, the difference is remarkable. I also went to see her for a few one-on-one sessions and that just took it to another level entirely as she was able to focus on my issues and she helped me understand my patterns better. I’m hooked on Somatics. It just makes so much sense. " Lisa B.