About Me

Hi, I'm Brenda, a Somatic Movement Coach and Registered Massage Therapist who has been practicing the art of multi-modal bodywork since 2001. I am based in Canmore, Alberta, and offer private Clinical Somatics sessions and Somatic Movement classes. I was drawn to begin my most recent studies, in Somatic Education after one of my sisters eagerly told me about a session that she had recently experienced with a Somatic Educator that gave her pain relief, like nothing had ever done before. My sister had suffered for many years with scoliosis, numbness and tingling in her hands and most recently, plantar fasciitis.

“My pain went from an ‘8’ to a ‘4’ in a 90 minute session and as a bonus, it looked like I had lost 15 pounds. The next day I felt even better. My plantar fasciitis pain is nearly gone!”

Inspired to help my clients achieve even greater benefits, I took my sister's advice: “You should study this!”

“ And the wind said:

May you be as strong as the Oak,

yet flexible as the Birch,

may you stand tall as the Redwood,

and [move] gracefully as the Willow [ ], all of your days"

adapted from the writing of --a North American Prayer