-It is so amazing when you can finally feel good again in your own body!

That's WHY I offer Massage Therapy and Clinical Somatics 1:1 sessions and classes to help folks locally and around the globe find relief from pain and discomfort and get back to doing the things they love to do.

Massage Therapy

A massage can be a fabulous way to unwind and de-stress. It can relieve areas of tension and bring about a sense of deep relaxation and make you feel whole and connected to yourself.

Clinical Somatics

Clinical Somatics is a practical, movement based approach to relieving muscle pain. Your body is designed to move easily. You'll learn an effective way to release tension through the somatic exercises and hands-on clinical techniques.

  • Get rid of low back pain
  • Reduce hip pain
  • Say goodbye to neck and shoulder tension

One-on-one in-person sessions. Best place to start if you live in the Bow Valley.

One-on-one online lessons.

Best place to start if you don't live locally.

Not sure if Somatics is right for you?

Book a free 20 minute consultation.

Attend group classes to learn the exercises.

***Group classes - are currently being offered online.

"I'd love to help you get out of pain so that you can get back to doing the things you love to do!"

Meet Brenda

Hi, I'm Brenda, a Somatic Movement Coach and Registered Massage Therapist who has been practicing the art of multi-modal bodywork since 2001. I am based in Canmore, Alberta.

I love being active and don’t like being in pain. Helping people improve their quality of life, move better and feel more comfortable in their bodies brings a smile to my face, a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart, and immense satisfaction.

What Clients are Saying!

"My back pain has been alleviated by practicing somatics in bed daily for 5 minutes." Allan T.

"Wow my hips are so much happier since you helped release my hip flexors. Nordic skiing is once again enjoyable." Julie A.

"Brenda is an amazing intuitive therapist. She is passionate sharing her knowledge with her clients. I felt very comfortable with Brenda and I was able to let go of emotional and physical pain. Somatic therapy does wonders when practiced on a regular basis. I recommend somatic therapy to anyone who is ready to let go. Aren't we all ready to have a healthier, happier life?" Patricia B.